Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen is a cozy, social, living-room restaurant in the middle of the lively alternative Strijp-S. They have a large exchange library for free books, musical instruments, a wide range of board games and various lounge areas. The size of their restaurant makes it very suitable for groups, but just as good for a lunch or dinner for two.

Their menu changes every month, so they can adjust to the seasonal products that are available, and their students learn a diverse range of techniques. Look for an impression of the dishes on their website or facebook. They also have an extensive drink, cocktail and drinks-menu. They are picky about our suppliers and mainly try to work with sustainable projects.

Soul Kitchen has a social mission to help young people who have a difficulty to get along in our society. They offer extensive training programs, and as well a safe and structured place to work. This way their students can make new friends, get experience working in a restaurant and learn how to be more self-supportive.



Torenallee 55

5617 BA, Eindhoven


Tel: +31 (0)40 845 3403




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