TIAS School for Business and Society

TIAS wants to develop leaders who serve society by transforming business

Today we face a number of serious concerns: issues such as poverty, resource scarcity, climate change, migration, population growth, aging and many more. Issues that have an affect on both business and society. At TIAS, School for Business and Society, we are convinced that business can help to solve these challenges. The purpose of our school is to develop leaders who serve society by transforming business. Because at TIAS we believe business exists to serve society. The idea behind this vision, is that business corporations can no longer act as isolated economic entities detached from the broader issues of society. We believe companies have the opportunity and the obligation, to use their scale and expertise, to reshape society. 

Creating shared value

At TIAS we teach the leaders of today and tomorrow, new management paradigms. Management paradigms that go beyond short term profit maximization. To be profitable is important; but we should no longer focus on profit maximization only. We integrate the concept of Creating Shared Value into all our research and education. Long-term business strategies, new sustainable business models, stakeholder engagement and innovation play an important role in all our curricula.

Develop leaders who serve society

This commitment to develop leaders, who serve society, by transforming business, is part of our DNA, as The Business School of Tilburg University. At TIAS, we encourage people to Never Stop Asking. To be critical and inquisitive. And at the same time creative and focused on collaboration.

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