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A home reflects the live of its residents. It says something about the way you live, your taste, your lifestyle.

You are surrounded with everything that fits you and your lifestyle. You enjoy the qualities of life. This is something that you want to find in your home. Your home is your castle. This might sound a little too strong but it does specify what we mean!


What do you think of a certain property? An accurate question. To find such a property you need a certain level of expertise. Not every estate agent has what it takes. We can reassure you: Buying and selling exclusive properties is our specialism, we are GB Makelaars.

The estate agents that does that little extra...

GB Makelaars is simply not your average estate agency. On the contrary. The properties for which we act as an intermediate, are without exception exclusive or have special features at the least. Buying or selling such a property requires more knowhow, more insight and more empathy.  In Breda and the rural area around it we are well known as such. So now you know why GB Makelaars and you are a perfect match.

Experience and expertise

For more than 15 years we've been doing what we know best: assisting potential buyers and sellers on the high end of the real estate market (and usually more than that). This is why we know, more than anyone, the specific requirements you impose on a real estate agent. A discrete working method for example, 100% professionalism, knowledge of all aspects that occur when buying or selling a property.

The personal touch

Getting to know customers is very important to us. In the end it all comes down to trust. Therefor we invest a lot of time in our relationship with customers. We try to work out your motivations, sum up your personal reasons, make an inventory of your tastes and preferences: as real estate agent we see this task as our highest priority in order to deliver good and solid work. Personal but professional.

An engaged and decisive approach

We as a real estate agent are there to look after your interests, not the other way around. No half-measures but total commitment. You want to make sure your agent is alert. Perceives all opportunities in the market. And takes direct action if necessary. This is GB Makelaars profile. Our reputation is one of a real estate agent that is always there for you. Total agreement is where we stand for.

Transparent communication

In a large transaction such as buying or selling a property you want to know what your exact position is. GB Makelaars will continuously communicate with you throughout the whole process by constantly updating you step by step. This transparency in our communication applies to every aspect of our service. This particularly goes for commission and further costs.


Effective marketing strategy

Properties in the higher segment request a specific marketing strategy. There is no standard approach. You can make sure we use our usual online and offline sources, but also through our personal network and unique sources we create interest for your property with the target audience. This approach leads to a detectable shorter selling period and maximum yield for as our customer.



Raadhuisstraat 21

4835 JA, Breda


Tel: +31 (0)76 530 0501




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