We offer Coaching, Job Coaching and Mindfulness Training with an emphasis on Communication, Awareness and Co-operation. We will guide you through the field of psychology with all mental health issues in a discrete and pleasant environment. One of the instructors speals English, Italian, Germany and Dutch.


The opportunities at VidaSense ...

Knowing and understanding yourself is the start of many solutions. Vidasense is a company that specializes in psychology, coaching and training. The experience comes from a mix of business combined with psychology, actually the best of both worlds. Coming from the business world, I have seen a variety of problems and issues that really need attention. We are proud that we are working with a highly motivated team of people that deliver a daily contribution to our clients.


What happens?

Sometimes we do feel like we are stuck or not motivated enough to do our work properly or having the feeling of constant fatigue. Maybe you recognize lack of concentration and that you can't come up with solutions or the right answers for the job that needs to be done. Or maybe you just want to have a listening ear for issues that bother you for a longer period of time. Then it's a good time to start acting for yourself. You are worth it to feel happy and relaxed on a daily basis.


Actually "we people" do know exactly what to do, but we don't always act upon what we know!


Maybe this sounds familiar to you and you are wondering if this is possible to achieve, the answer will probably not surprise you, yes this is possible. How you are able to put your life back on track is something we cannot explain in a few words but is definitely worth discovering your own potential.

This is what we stand for at VidaSense. Together we will be able to discover what you really need to overcome your challenges.


When you want to know more about the above issues, subjects or do you have any further questions then we will be more than happy to help you. Feel free to contact us. 



Raiffeisenstraat 11

5611 CH, Eindhoven


Tel: +31 (0)40 266 8580

Email: info@vidasense.nl

Website: www.vidasense.nl


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