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Once you decide to live or work in the Netherlands you will be faced with unknown rules. It may be that you are entitled to a tax refund or you may qualify for the 30% ruling. Or you think about becoming self employed. It is important that you seek qualified advice helping you to make the right choices and to make the maximum out of your stay in the Netherlands. Make sure that you claim the tax benefits you are entitled to! Expatax can help you with this.


Expatax is a Dutch tax and accounting firm which is specialized in assisting international workers and companies who want to work and do business in the Netherlands. With 20 advisors we help expats with their tax issues, already since 2001. That is why we gladly partner with the Holland Expat Center South. Visit our website and make an appointment in our office in Eindhoven on the Vestdijk, next to the Hub for Expats and the Expat Center.




Vestdijk 23

5611 CA, Eindhoven


Tel: +31 (0)30 246 8536

Email: eindhoven@expatax.nl

Website: www.expatax.nl


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