AgriFood Capital

Developing Northeast Brabant into a leading region in agrifood

That's our mission. In AgriFood Capital industry, public authorities and knowledge institutes collaborate to achieve growth and innovation in agrifood. Together we are creating a smarter, healthier and more sustainable world for tomorrow.

By doing so, AgriFood Capital will become a top class cluster recognized for its future-proof employment market, strong entrepreneurship, high-impact innovations, resilient environment and high quality of life.

From farm to fork

In Northeast-Brabant we face major economic and social challenges. We take on these challenges by making use of the existing strength of the region: the agrifood sector.

Agrifood is the main economic pillar of the economy. Nowhere else is the agrifood complex so complete and of such high quality as in Northeast Brabant. From farm to fork, we have everything we need.


To achieve growth and innovation in agrifood we collaborate with other sectors such as high-tech, transport, construction, pharma,

IT, healthcare and education. Together we create an unique and powerful ecosystem in Northeast-Brabant.

Maintaining and strengthening this agrifood ecosystem is crucial for the future of our region. AgriFood Capital is providing access to knowledge, talent, network and capital and providing a platform for innovations. Together, we convert the economic and social challenges into new (business) opportunities, products and services.


Our Agenda

  • Future-proof employment market

    In Northeast Brabant, today's innovation determines tomorrow's future. We focus on high-impact innovations in the areas of food & nutrition, health and sustainability. To achieve this, we provide access to knowledge, talent, networks and capital. We create the necessary space, innovation centres and living labs. In the AgriFood Capital cluster, businesses, knowledge institutes and authorities share knowledge and facilities to develop innovative food-related products, concepts and technologies.

  • Strong entrepreneurship

    From farmer to caterer, the agrifood chain in Northeast Brabant is complete, and of the highest quality. We strengthen our agrifood ecosystem by encouraging the start and growth of companies and attracting new companies to the region. We see endless opportunities instead of boundaries. We invest in access to knowledge and human capital, develop 'breeding grounds for innovation' and encourage collaboration with businesses in other sectors.

  • Resilient living environment

    Climate change, increasing urbanization, the impact of food production on resources and environment, availability of raw materials, and the high standards we set for space to live, work and play demand a resilient environment. An environment that is climate resilient, energy neutral, clean & healthy, easily accessible and sustainably organized. For residents, entrepreneurs and visitors. Northeast-Brabant we are working on a region with prime locations where all the basic facilities are in place to work, study and live well.

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