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The Maastricht Region has a long and rich cultural history. It is understandable, therefore, that the region houses an impressive variety of historical museums and sites, ranging from artifacts from the Roman era in the underground site beneath Hotel Derlon to the treasure chambers of Cathredral Saint Servatius, and from the Museum of Natural History to the Museum aan het Vrijthof, located on the South side of the Vrijthof Square. This museum is housed in the Spanish Government, a 16th-century chapterhouse where Charles V used to stay when he visited Maastricht between 1519 and 1550.


The Maastricht Region also looks at the future: the striking Bonnefanten Museum houses a collection of internationally oriented contemporary art, Museum Het Domein in Sittard is a smaller contemporary art museum with remarkable exhibitions, Schunck Glaspaleis in Heerlen is a multidisciplinary institute devoted to contemporary visual art, architecture, music, literature and film - and all imaginable crossovers between the disciplines and NAIM/Bureau Europa is a contemporary center for architecture and design.


Let's Catch Up

Starting January 2018, the Let’s Catch Up will be presented as an improved concept by organizing social and cultural events for internationals, combining the Meet & Greet with an interactive program such as a theatre performance, concert, movie, exhibition and more, hosted by various institutions in the region. Let’s Catch Up will provide internationals a chance to meet other internationals and locals at alternating locations and points of time. READ MORE






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