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People are the key asset to our knowledge intensive region, and we give a warm welcome to talent that wants to study and/or work in our region. The Southeast Netherlands has more than 100.000 jobs in the high tech industry and in high tech services. We offer you: 

  • International schools,
  • Bilingual education and working environment,
  • Superb educational institutions,
  • Challenging jobs at top institutes and companies, and jobs for your partner.

Cornerstone of the Dutch Economy

The Southeast Netherlands is a European top technology region of stature with Brainport as one of the three cornerstones of the Dutch economy (along with Amsterdam Airport and Rotterdam Seaport). The region constitutes a substantial contribution to the GDP through high private expenditure on R&D, high added value, and high export rates.


Creating the Industries of the Future

High tech residents include Eindhoven University of Technology, the Design Academy Eindhoven, Tilburg University and Maastricht University, various renowned research and knowledge institutes, and hundreds of innovative companies both large and small. Philips, DAF, ASML, VDL, TomTom, DSM, Océ, Sibac, Medtronic and FEI are among the well-known ‘major players' established here. Thousands of people are working here to invent, develop, design, produce, and sell innovative products and technologies in a climate of open innovation. Top scientists, designers, producers, and marketers are doing complementary work. For more information about foreign companies in the Southeast Netherlands check the website


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