The Dutch government aims to create an attractive environment and welcomes knowledge workers and talent from abroad. The Netherlands is on the international list of the most attractive countries to do business with.

The Dutch government has recently accepted a proposal on modernisation of the migration policy. The objective of the bill is to make the Netherlands even more attractive for knowledge workers and specialists who are needed to further strengthen the Dutch economy, culture, and science. To achieve this, procedures will become more efficient and more effective!

In anticipation of this bill, the Netherlands already introduced a special immigration policy for highly skilled migrants and researchers. In this section, you can read more about these special regulations and find out what to expect when planning on moving to the South Netherlands.


The two main bodies involved in the immigration process are the Immigratie-en Naturalisatie Dienst, IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service); and the De Basisregistratie personen, BRP (Registration Municipal Personal Records database). The IND implements immigration policy and makes decisions on residence permits, and the BRP is where you register your entry into the Netherlands.




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