The arrival phase


  • Apply for and collect your work permit (if applicable)
  • Register at the Town Hall where you will be living
  • Apply for your residence permit (if applicable). In some cases this application can be done before the work permit has been issued
  • Collect your citizen service number (BSN) at the local Town Hall
  • Receive confirmation that your residence permit will be issued (if applicable)
  • Collect your residence permit from the Town Hall (if applicable)
  • Open a bank account (bring your BSN number!)



  • Register imported vehicles with the Dutch authorities. People registered as living in the Netherlands may not own and drive a ‘foreign' vehicle here.



  •  Children between the ages of 5 and 16 are obligated to attend full-time education.


Health care

  • Register with a local doctor and dentist.


Social security, tax and insurance

  • Set up health insurance
  • If you have an E101 ask your insurer for an E106 (or E128 or EHIC) and arrange registration
  • Register with the Dutch authorities. Your employer might do this for you
  • Set up vehicle insurance
  • Arrange liability insurance, and maybe travel insurance
  • Ask your HR department to apply for the 30% tax ruling (if applicable).



  • Identify accommodation
  • Agree and sign contracts
  • Organise utilities (water, gas, electricity, phone, internet, etc.)
  • Check which day(s) your bin(s) and other waste items are collected. Call your Town Hall, or simply ask a neighbour or landlord
  • Arrange housing insurrance





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