Civic Integration

It is required to pass the  inburgeringstest (civic integration examination), in order to qualify for the following applications:


  • To obtain a permanent asylum residence permit.
  • To obtain a permanent non-asylum residence permit.
  • For having the limitation of a temporary non-asylum residence permit changed into a limitation for independent continued residence (This only applies to foreign nationals who apply for continued residence after having stayed for 3 years with a person with a non-temporary residence permit in the framework of family reunification or family formation. For instance, after having stayed for 3 years with their Dutch spouse).

If you submit such an application, the IND will check whether you have passed the civic integration examination.


Please note: This requirement is a result of the linkage between the Civic Integration Act and the Aliens Act. Applicants of a permanent residence permit who are 65 years old or older are exempt from the civic integration requirement. This also applies to foreign nationals who apply for continued residence and are under 18.

The Civic Integration Act


A large proportion of the Dutch population is made up of people from other countries. To be able to understand each other it is essential that everyone speaks Dutch and that everyone has an understanding of Dutch society. For this reason, the Civic Integration Act came into force in the Netherlands on January 1, 2007.

The Act stipulates that everyone who immigrates to the Netherlands, and lives in the Netherlands, must learn Dutch and have an understanding of the workings of Dutch society. This is referred to as civic integration.


Immigrants who are required to follow this process are considered to be subject to civic integration, and must pass the civic integration examination. In some cases, an immigrant can be exempt from civic integration requirement under the Civic Integration Act. However, they must still pass the civic integration examination as a requirement to obtain a certain type of permanent residence permit, or to qualify for continued residence.


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