Importing a car

Foreign-registered vehicles may be driven in the Netherlands for up to 3 months from the date of arrival. After this time, the car needs a Dutch number plate. The costs associated with import and registrations vary depending on the age, origin, and condition of the vehicle. In general, if you have owned the vehicle for at least six months and have driven more than 6.000 km in it, you may import it duty-free. Just note that you will have to request the Tax Administration for a document to request a tax exemption to get a tax-free import of all your removal goods. More information on the Tax Administration website. Here you can find the forms that you need, and the rules for importing a car.

Note, that if you import the car tax-free, you are not allowed to sell the vehicle within one year after immigration. You are liable to pay import duties after all if you sell the car within 12 months after importing it. To start the process of importing your vehicle, contact the douane (Dutch Customs) at 0800-0143 to request tax exemption forms.


Once these have been completed, call the RDW -Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer (Road Authorities) to set up a testing appointment:

0900-0739 (Available from 09:00-17:00. € 0,10 per minute.)
+31 598 39 3330 (If calling from abroad.) 

RDW Locations in the south of the Netherlands:

Den Bosch: Hedikhuizerweg 19
Rijen: Haansbergseweg 18
Veldhoven: De Run 4412
Venlo: Stanleyweg 4






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