Relocation Services

When you are relocating to another country, it is possible to get help from a relocation agency. The employer normally hires the relocation agency, but sometimes the employee does. The offers and services may differ, so it is smart to make a list of all the things you would like to have arranged for you before you start searching for the proper relocation agency.

What to expect from a relocation agency

Relocation services upon arrival in the Netherlands

  • Helps with buying or renting a house, including gas, water and electricity providers; arranges a city tour, renting or buying furniture; provides information about the area (where to find supermarkets, and other daily needed places); and makes sure the fridge is filled on the day of your arrival. Finds you a cleaning lady and/or other house-related services.
  • Picks you up from the airport, offers assistance with customs and tax exemption papers, provides mediation with moving companies, and gives information about rules and regulations with respect to bringing animals to the Netherlands.
  • Arranges the proper visa and documents. Takes care of the 30% ruling, apply for your BSN, sets up a bank account, and arranges all the necessary insurances.
  • Introduces you to (international) schools, au pairs, nannies, or child care. Informs you about the various language courses available in the area.
  • Buys, leases or imports a car.
    Introduces you to sports clubs, doctors and dentists.
  • Provides information about entertainment, the health system and the local culture.

Relocation services upon departure from the Netherlands

  • Terminates your rental contract, deregisters you with service providers, sells your house, provides mediation with moving companies, and changes your postal address.

Please note that not all agencies offer all of the above-mentioned services.





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