European Blue Card

The European Blue Card is a combined residence and work permit for highly skilled and educated third country residents. The aim of the EU is to attract highly skilled migrants from third countries.



  • The agreed salary has to be at least the threshold set by the individual Member State. The threshold in the Netherlands in 2016 is a gross monthly salary of €4.968.  
  • Highly skilled migrants should provide documents that show that they are well enough qualified for the position. (a diploma showing that they have completed a higher education degree programme with a duration of at least three years)
  • The migrant can provide an employment contract or a binding job offer valid for at least one year.


Additional requirements:

  • Member states can require a job market assessment to approve of the scarcity of the position.
  • Member states can limit the number of highly skilled migrants who can obtain the EU Blue Card.
  • Member states can enforce conditions of civic integration upon the highly skilled migrants and their family members.





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