Highly Skilled Migrant

To hire an employee from outside the EU for a stay for longer than 3 months, the highly skilled migrant procedure is the easiest way to bring over the employee successfully, because a separate work permit is not required for this purpose of stay. A highly skilled migrant comes to the Netherlands on a labour contract and meets an income requirement: € 3.229 standard gross amount per month if he/she is younger than 30 years old; and €4.404 if he/she is older than 30 years. This income requirement does not apply if the employee comes to the Netherlands to fulfill a function in an educational or research institution.

Conditions for the employer

The employer must sign a declaration for the admission of highly skilled migrants, which will apply to all applications you make in the future in the context of the highly skilled migrant procedure.

Once the IND has received the declaration and everything is in order, you will receive a login name and a password. This will give you access to the application forms in the highly skilled migrant and company module. The application forms will indicate which documents are required for the application.


There are fees associated with the application for entry into and residence in the Netherlands. Check the IND website.

Family members

The employer can submit an application for the family members of highly skilled managers as well. They are also entitled to fast procedure to enter the Netherlands and will receive a residence permit that guarantees them free access to the Dutch labour market.


  • Only companies established in the Netherlands can use the highly skilled migrant policy.
  • Pay any charges by direct debit, otherwise the IND has no obligation to decide on your application within the two-week period.
  • Employees who have a residence permit with a work permit requirement and who also meet the requirements for a highly skilled migrant can get a change of status and receive a residence permit as a highly skilled migrant. This makes it a lot easier for their family members to find a job in the Netherlands. Another advantage is that the employer no longer needs to apply for a residence permit for this employee.
  • You can also apply for a highly skilled migrant status for employees from the new EU member state Croatia. If they qualify, you no longer need to be in the possession of a work permit.

*These sums are applicable for 2018.





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