The Netherlands belongs to the world's most competitive economies. It has traditionally been a country of entrepreneurs. They are the source of innovation and creativity and they stimulate economic growth and labour market. In exchange find the entrepreneurs in the Netherlands an excellent infrastructure and a good business climate.


The start-up scheme makes it possible for ambitious innovative and creative people to apply for a temporary residence permit in the Netherlands which allows them to start an innovative business for a year. The start-up is required to be guided by an experienced facilitator. The start-ups are encouraged to develop into mature enterprises.




The start-up entrepreneur:

  • holds a valid passport.
  • shall not constitute a danger to public order or national security.
  • is obliged to take out a health insurance.
  • must be willing to undergo a tuberculosis test.

The start-up:

  • has to be guided by a reliable expert facilitator - this must be shown by an agreement between the facilitator and the entrepreneur.
  • has offer an innovative service or product.
  • entrepreneur has to have a plan to develop the idea into a business - the plan has to provide all the basic information about the start-up, has to show that the entrepreneur plays an active role in the start-up, must explain why the service or product is innovative, has to include the plan of activities for the first year and steps to be taken in setting up the company.
  • entrepreneur and the facilitator must be entered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce - this entry must show that the start-up entrepreneur has a say in the start-up.
  • entrepreneur has to have a sufficient resources to reside and live in the Netherlands - the amount available must be at least the standard amount for single person under the Minimum Wage Act; the amount can be provided either by the entrepreneur himself or by an investor or by the facilitator.


What is a facilitator?


The facilitator must have an experience in guiding start-ups. He provides the entrepreneur with a tailor-made package depending on the guidance the start-up needs. He can, for example, help with operational management, marketing, research, or seeking investors. You can find a list of recognised facilitators on the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (





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