The Expat Center Procedure

When using the procedure for a Highly Skilled Migrant or Scientific Researcher the employer needs to be an acknowledged as recognized sponsor with the IND. Once acknowledged, this recognized sponsorship stays valid for future applications as well. A new application for recognized sponsorship may take a couple of weeks and involves one-time costs. Holland Expat Center South can inform you about this procedure and the correct form to use.


When filling in the application form for one of the residence types handled at the Expat Center, you can choose between the regular procedure and the Expat Center Procedure (location to pick up the residence permit). Holland Expat Center South is the most southern Expat Center in the Netherlands. The formal application procedures are handled at our office in Eindhoven.

The regular procedure means going to an IND office in the region and separately going to the respective town hall for registration with the municipality of residence and receiving the BSN (Burger Service Nummer).

The Expat Center Procedure in Eindhoven combines these two appointments in one location. Expats can be registered in any of the participating municipalities in the south of the Netherlands, and may be able to  obtain your residence card from the IND straight away. Also, if you have not visited the Dutch embassy in your home country before coming here, you are able to submit your biometrics (photo and fingerprints), and receive a provisional work permit in your passport. 


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