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On a world map, the Netherlands is very small. The longest distance you can drive from the north to the south will take about four hours! To the east, the Netherlands borders Germany; to the south, Belgium; and to the north and west, the North Sea.


Several features of the landscape will strike you immediately. To start with, the country is extremely flat! There are a few hills in the southeast corner of the country, but even they barely infringe on the broad, unbroken expanse of sky that is so characteristic of Dutch landscape painting.


Most people coming to the South Netherlands will probably choose to live in the area nearby their work. However, Dutch transport networks are good and some prefer to commute from other areas.


Southeast Brabant/ Eindhoven Region

The region of Southeast Brabant consists of the city of Eindhoven, and 19 other communities. It is a wonderful area to live and work in. The landscape is characterised by vast forests, meadows, moors, and water areas. The living environment in Southeast Brabant is varied enough to meet everyone's wishes, from an apartment or urban dwelling in one of the vibrant cities to a quiet cottage in a remote village surrounded by greenery. The region has it all!


Midden Brabant/ Tilburg Region

Tilburg is centrally located in the province of Noord-Brabant, in the region known as Midden-Brabant. The region as a whole has a population of almost 500.000, representing all age groups and extremely varied ethnic backgrounds. The region offers something for everyone, with ample opportunities for work, study, culture, recreation, entertainment and shopping. Companies opt to locate in Tilburg for many reasons, notably the excellent accessibility, high quality housing and business accommodation, and excellent educational facilities. 


South Limburg/ Maastricht Region

The region of South Limburg consists of the city of Maastricht, the city of Heerlen, the city of Sittard-Geleen, and another 12 surrounding communities. The region is divided into five regions: Valkenburg aan de Geul, Heuvelland Zuid, Heuvelland Noord, Parkstad Limburg, and the Westelijke Mijnstreek. Each region has its own characteristic features.


The housing market is just as varied as the landscape is. Not only are there old-fashioned farms and craftsmanship houses, but also new construction projects and villas. You can live in the green countryside or near the busy life of the town centre: in the heart of the Euregio. 


Belgium and Germany

You can also choose to live in Belgium or Germany. But if you want to explore the idea of living outside the Netherlands while working in the Netherlands, first check the legalalities. For most EU citizens, there are no issues. But those who will need a residence permit may have to live within the Netherlands. Living outside the country may also have tax consequences, so consult your HR Manager.







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