Personal & Social Needs

Personal & Social Needs

Moving to a new country is an adventure! However, there are also a lot of questions that you will have. We hope that the information provided in this section will help you to set up your personal and social life as quickly and as smoothly as possible! 


But first, we would like to give you some tips on getting to understand the Dutch:  

  • The Dutch avoid superlatives. Compliments are offered sparingly, and to say that something is 'not bad' is to praise it. A foreigner does not need to worry too much about expressing his opinion or feeling. The Dutch might argue with you, but seldom take offence.
  • The Dutch speak directly and use a lot of eye contact. To a foreigner, they may appear abrupt, but it is just their manner of communicating.
  • Smoking is prohibited in many areas. Always ask. 
  • Do not discuss money or prices, or ask personal questions when you hardly know someone.




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