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Electronic Devices

Mobile phones

The Netherlands has the highest number of mobile phone operators in Europe. This makes it very difficult to choose a provider. The Phonehouse offers a wide range of mobile phones with different providers and different contracts. Please note that when you want to purchase a mobile phone with subscription, you will need to bring your passport and your most recent bank account statement (with your address on it!). The provider needs to verify that you actually live on the address you have given, and have an income to pay for a mobile phone.


Prepaid calling is a very popular alternative, especially for children! Prepaid cards are available everywhere, even at the supermarket. You pay for your calls in advance and avoid subscription fees and high bills. Prepaid cards are available in denominations of 10, 20, 25, 40, and 50 Euros.


International phone calls

Because most foreigners have to make expensive long-distance phone calls, we advise you to consider making phone calls via internet, using your normal phone or computer. This alternative is probably the cheapest.


PC's and software

There are many places where you can buy PCs and/or notebooks. The big electronics stores carry a wide range of reasonably priced PCs, notebooks, laptops, navigation systems, washing machines, etc. 



The mains voltage in the Netherlands is 220 V. Keep this in mind before transporting all your electronic devices to the Netherlands. In electronics shops, you can buy voltage transmitters that will lower the voltage, but this is not very good for your devices. We advise you to bring only the necessary machines and buy new ones with the right voltage in the Netherlands.





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