Supermarkets and Weekly Markets


The Netherlands has numerous supermarkets. Almost every supermarket has a separate counter where they sell tobacco products, flowers and lottery tickets.


Shopping in supermarkets

  • Remember to bring a 50-cent coin with you for a shopping cart!
  • Some grocery stores have weight/price machines in the fruit and vegetable section. You are expected to price your own product before going to the cash desk. The process is simple enough. Grab a bag, fill it with the required product quantity, take it to the scale, push the corresponding button (the buttons carry pictures of all vegetables and fruits, so no Dutch required), and hit the bon (ticket) button. You will get a sticker with the price; put it on your bag and you are ready to proceed to the cash desk. 
  • There is no such thing as a bag boy! You are expected to pack your own groceries -- and stores do not provide free grocery bags. You can ask for a tas (bag), which will cost you about 10 cents per bag. You can also grab a recycled cardboard box at the entrance of the store. 
  • Remember to bring your used soda bottles and beer bottles to the store. If the word statiegeld (deposit) is printed on the bottle, you have paid a deposit on them, and can get the deposit refunded when you turn the bottles in at the store. so make sure to get it back. All other glass bottles (jars, wine bottles, etc) must be taken to a bottle bank outside the supermarket (often located in the parking lot). There will also be a place to recycle your plastics there too.
  • The legal drinking age in the Netherlands is 18. The sale of alcohol to children under these ages is illegal.
  • The legal smoking age in the Netherlands is 18 years old. The sale of tobacco to children under 18 is illegal. People that are 25 years old and younger have to show an ID at the cashier.
  • All Dutch supermarkets have weekly offers, and sometimes you need a discount card to get these special prices. Inquire at the customer service desk. 

Weekly Markets

The markets in the Netherlands do not take place every weekday at the same location. Instead you can visit a market every day at a different location! Dutch markets do not only sell food, but also clothes and household items. Do not be scared to try to make a good deal. The people selling their products are ready to negotiate.

Markets in the Eindhoven Region:

Monday         13:00-17:00 Vaartbroek (Wijnpeerstraat)
Tuesday     08:00-14:00 City Centre
Wednesday           08:00-13:00 Shopping mall Winkelcentrum Woensel
Thursday     09:00-12:00 Generaal Bothastraat
      13:00-16:30 St. Trudoplein
Friday     12:00-17:00 St. Gerardusplein
Saturday     08:00-17:00 Wonselsemarkt (the biggest market in Eindhoven)
Saturday     10:00-16:00 Sustainable Food Market (Wilhelminaplein)


Markets in the Maastricht region:

Monday-Saturday   09:00-18:00 Food & Plants market (Vrijthof)
Wednesday     09.00-15:00 Weekmarket


  13:00-18:00 Farmers market (Square under the Clock)
Friday   09:00-15:00 Weekmarket


Organic Products

In the Netherlands, there are special supermarkets where you can buy organic products. These products are more expensive, but they are top-quality and healthier than non-organic. 





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