Domestic Services

There are many ways to find help for domestic services!



It is possible to have your home professionally cleaned, but it can be difficult to find a trust-worthy cleaning service. Here are a couple of tips to help you:

  • There are professional cleaning services that service the expat community.
  • Ask for recommendations from neighbors, the property owner or your relocation agency.

The rate for having a house professionally cleaned is approximately +/- € 25,07 per hour. Before handing over your keys, make sure that you make at least two referral checks!



By the age of 14, children normally start looking for babysitting jobs in the area. Ask your neighbours for a recommendation. Babysitters normally get paid between € 4-7 an hour, depending on the age, the number of children and the amount of time your babysitter needs to be present. Information boards in supermarkets often announce private babysitting services. There are also child care services that cater to the expat community.



Flowers in all colors and all varieties are available in the Netherlands -- not just tulips! Some gardens are for ornamental purposes only, and others produce food crops, sometimes in separate areas, and sometimes intermixed with the ornamental plants. Family-life gardens usually look like big play areas, with climbing racks and sandboxes, and only a few flowerbeds or decorations.


There are many garden centers in the South Netherlands, which sell a large variety of plants, including: annual and perennial flowers, trees and shrubs, roses, container gardens, hanging baskets, houseplants, water gardening, seeds and bulbs, potting mixes, soil amendments and mulch, fertilisers and chemicals, pottery, garden tools and supplies, fountains, and garden decor. Some garden centers also sell pet-related products and small pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and fish. Many centers also sell wild-bird foods, floral gifts, outdoor furniture, barbecue grills, and home decor. If you need professional help, search for an official hoveniersbedrijven/tuinierbedrijven (gardener).



With the introduction of more merchandise and value-added services, the Do-It-Yourself is evolving into a Repair-Maintenance-Improvement store. Warehouse-type centres stock up to 20,000 different items in building materials, lumber, paints, and other hardware & home improvement merchandise. Often the centers also include a wood shop, a made-to-order furniture service that provides free design & estimate according to customer's specifications and budget. They also offer expert paint-mixing services.



Klusjesman (handyman) does not just fix squeaky doors and holes in the drywall; they are in fact carpenters who can do almost anything. A good handyman can do plumbing and electrical work, build small additions, demo walls, paint, tile, and caulk. He can also help you with common small repairs, childproof your home and garden, and deal with flood damage repair. The modern handyman and home-repair firm usually work on an hourly basis, just like a plumber or electrician would. In order to get the best value for your money, have as many little repairs as possible done at the same time. 


Home improvement can be overwhelming. Hire a contractor to estimate the cost of your project. For larger projects, such as room addition or a significant landscaping project, seriously consider hiring an architect or designer first before contacting a contractor. The designer will help you to specify all details needed for your project.   


Tips for hiring a handyman 

  • Ask for a list of references and call them. 
  • Communication is the key word.
  • Do not hire someone just because he/she asks the lowest price.
  • Check the contractor's quality standards.  
  • Check how long the contractor has been in business. 
  • Verify insurance. 
  • Check the contractor's level of education. Look for a professional designation. 
  • Look for a contractor who is a member of an applicable trade association. 
  • Check if the contractor needs a license, and if so, if that license is valid. A dispute resolution system should be included in your contract. 

Clothes alteration and mending

Some shops that sell clothes have a sewing service to repair or adjust the clothes customers have purchased in their store. There are also shops who specialize in sewing and mending clothes. Of course, you could also ask your neighbours if they know a reliable seamstress. There is also a number of dry cleaners that provide these services.





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