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Dental Care

Finding a tandarts (dentist) in the Netherlands is much like finding a doctor, although you do not need to find one located in your neighborhood. In case of dental emergency outside practice hours, you call your dentist. His/her voice mail will direct you to the emergency dental service.


Regular check-up

After registration, your dentist will generally call you for a regular check-up every six months. He/She will perform most routine interventions him-/herself. Note that anesthesia is usually only given on request. The insurance company covers children under 18 for all cost. Dental care for people over 18 can only be covered (partly) by taking an extra dental insurance. Check which expenses are covered by your insurance.


Special care

Many specialised offices for dental care, orthodontists, and oral surgeons have waiting lists. Ask your dentist if he can advise you. For finding a dentist check the Yellow Pages or check your local community guide.






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