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Municipal and Regional Health Service (GGD)

The GGD is the municipal health organisation for preventive healthcare. Once you have registered at the town hall, the GGD will let you know automatically which immunisation program you might need to follow.


The GGD has a few focus groups, among which are children, travelers and senior citizens. The main tasks are monitoring, advising and informing them about (preventive) medical care. The GGD also vaccinates people. Whether the expenses are compensated, depends on the type of insurance individuals have.


GGD Brabant-Zuidoost

088-003 1100

De Witte Dame
Clausplein 10
5611 AZ Eindhoven


GGD Hart voor Brabant

0900-463 6443

  • Pettelaarpark 10
    5216 PD 's-Hertogenbosch

  • Reitseplein 3
    5037 AA Tilburg


The GGD has child health centres where parents of young children can take their children for regular check-ups. Travellers to the tropics can get advice on health care issues and have the necessary vaccinations. The GGD is also responsible for the medical screenings that are sometimes required to obtain a residence permit, such as chest X-Rays to check for tuberculosis. The GGD Ambulance service, in cooperation with a private company, provides for the transportation of patients and in case of (traffic) accidents, emergencies, and disasters. Besides this, the GGD is dedicated to secure the health and well-being of e.g. drug addicts, homeless people and prostitutes.


Travelling and vaccinations

The Travellers' advice and vaccination office, part of the municipal health organisation of Eindhoven (GGD), administers vaccinations and provides travellers with fitting recommendations for all their travels to countries in Africa, South and Central America, Asia and the former Eastern Block countries.


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

What used to be called venereal disease is nowadays generally referred to as a sexually transmitted infection, in short STI. The most dangerous and well known STI's are HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and hepatitis B. When you are infected with an STI or when you think you are, you can visit the municipal health organisation STI Outpatient Clinic for an examination and treatment. The staff members hold surgery, provide information, and develop intervention programmes.


The STI clinic:

  • Offers free examination and treatment
  • Does not require a referral by a physician
  • Does not require insurance

Some personal information is required, but this will be treated strictly confidential.


Pest control

Under commission by town districts, housing corporations, individuals and businesses, the GGD pest control service prevents and treats all kinds of public-health pests, such as rats, feral pigeons, wasps and cockroaches in Eindhoven, its environs and sometimes also nationwide.


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