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The Netherlands has a large number of hospitals offering excellent medical care. Traditionally, all hospitals in the Netherlands offered the same range of specialist services, but under the new reformed healthcare system, the government is encouraging hospitals to specialize in particular areas of treatment. Although all hospitals offer the same high standards of care, the University hospitals, where medical research is conducted, often have the most up-to-date facilities and use the most advanced medical techniques.

In some cases, if your condition is serious or requires urgent surgery, the specialist will recommend hospitalisation or refer you straight to the emergency department. In other cases, however, you may have to wait some time, even months, for a hospital appointment for some types of surgery or other treatments.

Most hospital accommodation in the Netherlands is in shared rooms or wards of up to six patients, and may be mixed-gender. Often, beds are equipped with private televisions and phone lines, although you will be charged for the use of these. Patients are required to bring their own nightwear, toiletries, and other personal requirements for a residential stay in hospital.

There are children’s wards in all hospitals and there are also special children’s hospitals, which provide more facilities to keep children entertained while in hospital or to help them keep up with school work during their stay. Some of the children’s hospitals and children’s wards have accommodation for parents to stay overnight with their children if required. Visiting hours vary from hospital to hospital and are usually strictly enforced.


Hospitals in the Eindhoven region:  

Catharina Ziekenhuis

Michelangelolaan 2, Eindhoven

040-239 9111            

Elkerliek Ziekenhuis

Henri Dunantweg 16, Deurne
049-332 8888                                   

Julianastraat 2, Gemert 

0492-595 555

Elkerliek Ziekenhuis

Wesselmanlaan 25, Helmond
0492-595 555                                   


Máxima Medisch Centrum

040-888 8000

Ds. Th. Fliednerstraat 1, Eindhoven                                  
De Run 4600, Veldhoven  
St. Annaziekenhuis

040-286 4040

Bogardeind 2, Geldrop

Antoon Coolenlaan 1-03, Eindhoven           

When making an appointment, you can phone the general hospital number and ask for patient information. Here you can ask if there is a specialist who speaks your language. Then you can phone the clinic and make an appointment with the recommended specialist. Most specialists will speak English. Many hospitals have their own area of expertise. For instance, Catharina Ziekenhuis in Eindhoven specializes in heart diseases, and MMC Veldhoven has a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, NICU. There are also translators available in the hospitals who can be present at your consultation. Ask for this translation service at patient information when making your appointment.


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