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The Dutch Health Care System

In order to arrange an adequate insurance in the Netherlands, you will first need to know how it works. 


The national health insurance is an obligatory insurance for everyone who falls under the scope of the Dutch social insurance obligation. It contains a standard package of the necessary care (medical care by GPs, specialists and midwifes, dental care for children, most medication, some medical aid, and nursing care). Insurance companies are obligated to accept anyone who is covered by the social insurance obligation.

Many people want to expand their insurance package. This is possible, every insurance company offers slightly different additional insurances. Insurance companies are not obligated to accept clients who want to have an additional insurance. The insurance company can request to fill out a list of medical questions or to participate in a medical examination before accepting you in the additional insurance.

Packages might differ, and therefore it is always good to check a few insurance companies. Most corporations have a collective health insurance contract offering the same insurance to all their employees. This means that you will receive a company rebate on the basic premium when you join that insurance company. You are free, however, to choose another insurance company.


For more information about the national health insurance can be found in the section about National Health Insurance.





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