Family and Children

Mums and Toddlers is a friendly and informal social group for parents and toddlers of every nationality. 

Maastricht International Playgroup is a non-profit organization comprising expatriate and local parents living in and around Maastricht. It provides play and activities for children, and support parents with new friendships, advice, and information, all within an English-speaking environment. 


Benelux Adoptive Families Network (BAFN) is a support group for expat and bi-national couples living in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Living with a Dutchie is an English-speaking social group, for expats who have moved to Holland to be with their Dutch partner.


Reading Circle Eindhoven (RCE) is a reading circle for modern english (language) literature in the region of Eindhoven. The clubs objective is to stimulate interest in modern english literature, wherever that might originate; Britain, America or the former colonies. By reading and discussing the books we have chosen we hope to improve the members enjoyment, knowledge and understanding of what they are reading. Members will almost certainly be introduced to new writers and perhaps even venture into new genre's.





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