Other Religions

The Eindhoven region has many places of worship. Below are some international services and organisations you might want to check out. Visit www.andrewspink.nl for English services in the Netherlands.


Eindhoven region: 

  • Hinduism
    Zeelsterstraat 186, Eindhoven
    Meetings every second and fourth Saturday of the month in English, Hindu and Dutch.
  • Christian Science Group
    Sleedoorn 9, Geldrop
    040-286 3345
  • Jehovah’s Testify
    Prinses Beatrixstraat 1, Budel-Dorplein
    049-549 5457
  • Dutch Israeli Society Eindhoven
    Hendrik Casimirstraat 23, Eindhoven

For more religious institutions, search the Yellow Pages.


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