Roman Catholic

Currently, Roman Catholicism is the single largest religion in the Netherlands, forming the religious home of about 31% of the Dutch people. The number of Roman Catholics is declining and many people who identify themselves as Roman Catholics do not attend Mass often; only 7% does. Most Catholics live in the southern provinces of North Brabant (that includes Eindhoven) and Limburg (that includes Maastricht) where they make the majority of the population.

Eindhoven region:

Maastricht region:

Tilburg region:

  • Vredeskerk
    Ringbaan West 94, Tilburg
    Vredeskerk has a service (almost) every Sunday at 10.00.
  • Catholic Student Parish Maranatha
    Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 19, Tilburg
    A Holy Mass in English takes place every Sunday and holy day at 17.00.


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