Cycling is a national pastime and thanks to the unrelenting flatness of the country, the locals find it the perfect way to get around. Cyclists generally have their own lane and these lanes are well maintained. Cycle racks are abundant. At intersections, cyclists have their own set of lights to obey; they sometimes do try to test this particular rule.


Outside of this situation, they have automatic right of way and will take it. Cyclists do tend to take a lot of liberties and will often ride three abreast when there are no cycle lanes apparent, and even when there are. You will have to wait behind them until it is safe to pass, as they will not move aside. Cyclists are not obliged to follow road rules of other traffic and you will find them cycling down one way streets in the opposite direction (they may expect you to pull over and let them through).


Be careful when crossing pedestrian crossings. Cars and other traffic will stop for you but cyclists will not. When you make a right turn, always look over your shoulder to make sure there are no cyclists behind you trying to catch up on you from the right side.


Other ways of transportation in the Netherlands, e.g. motorcycles, scooters, or mopeds are around as well. Motorcycles are allowed to use the highways, scooters/mopeds and bicycles are not, and should use the biker paths.


Bike parking

There are many possibilities to park your bike in every city, attended or unattended. In the Netherlands, it is fairly common to put your bike wherever you like! But be aware of no parking signs that are posted by businesses. Regardless of where you park your bicycle, make sure that you use a lock.





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