Traffic Jams

Traffic jams are very common in the Netherlands. Unlike many busy roads in other countries, Dutch motorways usually feature only 2x2 lanes and many routes have no secondary road alternative. The exit density is also high; exits are usually no more than 3,000 meters or 2 miles apart, also in rural areas. The number of traffic using the motorway for local trips is high, due to the fact that the non-motorway roads are often narrow and dangerous, especially in the Randstad (the urban agglomeration of the Western Holland).


Another growing issue is the number of trucks on the motorways, sometimes occupying the entire right lane on some motorways. Another problem is the limited number of bridged river crossings, usually only motorways. Nearly all major river crossings are jammed during rush hours. An ordinary rush hour accumulates between 200 and 300 kilometres of traffic jam, but can mount to as many as 100 traffic jams totalling 500 kilometres across the network.


Some daily traffic jams exceed 20 kilometres in length. Outside of rush hours, the situation is usually free-flowing, but can still be very busy. Morning rush hour usually lasts from 06:00-10:00, and evening rush hour from 15:30-19:00. On Friday, there is less morning traffic, by the evening rush hour, can start around 12:00.





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