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The mission of Living In is to cocreate an inclusive ecosystem in which every international talent can thrive and feel at home. "I belong and I matter" are the universal needs that we want to address.


That more inclusive environment or ecosystem is not created by ourselves; it is understanding that we are in this together and to act accordingly. For that reason, we work together with our international audience.


In this day-today collaboration, we benefit from the talent, insights and motivation of those who come to build a new life in our region. A second advantage of this collaboration is that we are able to better understand the needs of our audience.


In addressing those needs, we also focus on the family. We understand that migration affects the entire family, and we see it as our responsibility to help the entire family to start their new lives in the region.


Next to collaborating intensively with the international community, we aim to mobilize the existing environment. By creating awareness on the value that the international community represents, we initiate more motivation to act on facilitating those internationals.


"Awareness leads to actions"


The more people understand what it takes to build a new life in a new country, the more people will step up to help out the international community. An example is a co-worker helping out a co-worker with practicalities. It is all about collaboration and understanding that every individual can make a difference. The co-worker, the HR business partner, the owner of a SME company, a neighbor in the apartment complex. Everyone can help to make internationals feel at home.


The international community includes international students, international knowledge workers/highly skilled migrants and their families.


For the equally highly educated partners/spouses of the so-called "1st hires", it is vital to continue their career. 60% of these partners have a non-TECH background, so in this case the broader SME environment is very important as a possible job opportunity. Those same SMEs are regularly in need of new talent, so in theory this is a quick match. In reality, however, there are many hurdles.

The Living In program focuses on making international spouses suitable for jobs at SMEs and at the same time, we help SMEs to internationalize their company's culture.


Next to removing thresholds toward the labour market, it is important to create more visible and accessible facilities for the international community, such as sports clubs, cultural institutions, childcare facilities, and the education system. The Dutch know how to find and use these facilities, but the international community struggles with these systems. The Living In Program motivates these facilities to accommodate internationals, and many have already started to communicate in English. In doing so, we again create a more hospitable and attractive living environment for everyone.


For more information, contact Ed Heerschap, Coordinator, Living In. or Josine Frankhuizen.



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